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Public Australian Minecraft server with PVP and raiding

Wurm Online

Sandbox MMORPG I help to develop

Simplex Noise for 2D Terrain Generation

When you look up Simplex Noise on the intertubes, you will get a lot of links directing to the old Perlin Noise, and a lot more links directing to the pure mathematics of it and how it works. When you’re someone like me, and prefer to look at some code to see how it works, rather than foreign mathematical equations, it can be quite a time to get some working code.

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms is a “Free2Play MMORTS”, and having played other games that claim that genre before (see: SAGA), I was a bit dubious as to whether it would be worth playing.

Blob War- Ludum Dare #27 Game

So this weekend was Ludum Dare 27, and after a few times of half finishing a game or giving up before starting, I decided this time I would finish a game, and finish it properly. So I took a couple of days off work, one before the weekend to prepare and one after to recover from the lack of sleep and brain-death – and the result of which is “Bob Loblaw’s Blob War“.


AGH is a Minecraft server hosted in Australia. It is a survival PVP server with some raiding thrown in. Come check us out!