A week or two ago Dante introduced me to a game called RIFT. And by introduced, I mean I saw him playing it and I was bored as fuck, so I went out and bought it. RIFT is an MMORPG…and that’s about it. There’s not too much to say other than it is a mumorpuger, as you can pretty much guess what is involved. Lots of men running around dressed up as elf women, lots of quests, and lots of killing random animals and people that live outside of cities that did nothing but look at you strangely. Even though it is another generic mamapiggy, it does generic surprisingly well…either that, or I’m actually more bored that I realise and could be entertained by anything. The main story behind RIFT (as far as I’ve been able to make out at least) is that the world is pretty much going to … Continue reading

WStats – Now with more W!

Yesterday I started working on a program. I know right? Guy with a programming blog actually doing some programming? More likely than you think! Anywho, the program I was working on is called WStats. Its a small program I thought up to track character progression in Wurm Online (oh god another Wurm post). As the saying goes, a picture says a billion words, or something, so take a look: If this sort of thing floats your boat, you can get it at http://buddat.net/wstats/WStats.rar Alternatively, pick up the source at http://buddat.net/wstats/src.rar And you can point out any bugs and laugh at me at http://wurmonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=47823.0

Guns of Icarus

In the recent Steam sale, in which every game cost less that feeding a starving child for a week, I picked up a few (see: thirty five) games that I thought were a good deal. Among those games was a neat little indie game called Guns of Icarus. It was a part of the Indie Flight Pack, which included 5 indie games for $4.99USD. GoI was the first game from the pack that I installed (still haven’t installed any of the other ones yet), and already it has been well worth the price of the whole pack of games. The premise of the game is simple, you own a blimp (a fucking blimp!), and your job is to fly cargo across the map to god-knows-who. You never know what the cargo is, and you never see the person, or learn why you are hauling the cargo, but it doesn’t matter.* … Continue reading

Super Meat Boy

About a week ago I picked up Super Meat Boy from Steam for $9.99, and this post shall be about it. SMB is a platformer, but not strictly a platformer. It is more of a puzzle-platformer-speed-run-rage-inducing game…and it’s awesome. You are a square of meat, and your objective is to save the love of your life from the evil bad guy (as opposed to other platformers…) by going through all the levels until you have her back. As expected, when you reach her after each level, she is swiftly taken away and you have to try get her back on the next level, thus progressing the game forward. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. First off, its not the normal type of platform game where you run around killing mini-bad guys and collecting items while on your way to a castle at the end, as opposed to another game also … Continue reading

Wurm Online

Wurm Online – Freedom server map seen from SE area Wurm Online is a strange game for strange people. It is for people who don’t mind spending hours and hours on something, for relatively little gain. For people thatenjoy the community of a game just as much as the game itself. And for people that don’t mind bugs. If this sounds like you, congratulations! There are only a few thousand people like you in the world, including me. Wurm is a survival game, to put it simply. You are thrown into the wild with little more than a few tools, and a source of light. The light is somewhat necessary, as there is a night and day cycle, with one day in real life equal to approx. 8 days in game. As soon as it turns dark, you’d better hope you know what you’re doing, or have some help, otherwise … Continue reading

Two Months Later…

If this was any other blog, you’d either think that two months without posting means either the owner is working on something huge, or has died a horrible death. Well good news! Neither of them are the case, I’m just lazy, although I do have something new to show. In the past couple of days, I’ve been screwing around with the idea of my 2d game, and been slowly chipping away at it. Of course because its only a couple of days old, theres not much to it, except this: I know, I know, its awesome. All it is, is the launcher for the game, that I hope to actually finish. The bits of text on the ‘rock’ are buttons, that…somewhat work. The exit and login buttons work, and actually do something. I dare you to guess what they do. At this point in time, after ‘logging in’ (not really … Continue reading

Mass Effect 2

Over thae past week I have been playing a new game that goes by the name of Mass Effect 2. You may have heard of it, may not have (if you haven’t, leave right now), and the things you’ve heard about it most probably all say the same thing. Pure awesome. I finished the game on my first play through on Friday night, and it is actually an awesome game. One of the best games that has come out for a while, and one that I wholly enjoyed. The game has one of the better story lines for a game that I have seen in a while, and pretty much keeps you enthralled in the story the whole way. The basic jist of the story, without spoiling much, is this: You die You live You kill shit You meet people You kill shit You kill big shit The end Now … Continue reading


A while ago, I got into a small indie game called Minecraft. Just recently, I have once again started playing it, and I thought I’d better write a post on it. What is Minecraft? Well, think Lego, multiplayer and online, and thats pretty much it. Simple concept for a game, with fucking brilliant results. Its one of the most addictive games I have played in recent years, and does a fucking wonderful job at wasting time. The above picture was just taken from the server that I am currently hosting. To play on this server, visit this link: http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=94a8801e5c7b3cb53568b7d5049405c5 Jump on, have a play around, and no doubt you will be hooked too.