Slightly Off Topic

I just came across an article on Stuff in relation to newly declassified documents from the RNZAF regarding UFO sightings in NZ. I was just having a quick glance through them (via when I can across the following that gave me a good chuckle: And the reply:

Super Meat Boy

About a week ago I picked up Super Meat Boy from Steam for $9.99, and this post shall be about it. SMB is a platformer, but not strictly a platformer. It is more of a puzzle-platformer-speed-run-rage-inducing game…and it’s awesome. You are a square of meat, and your objective is to save the love of your life from the evil bad guy (as opposed to other platformers…) by going through all the levels until you have her back. As expected, when you reach her after each level, she is swiftly taken away and you have to try get her back on the next level, thus progressing the game forward. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. First off, its not the normal type of platform game where you run around killing mini-bad guys and collecting items while on your way to a castle at the end, as opposed to another game also … Continue reading