The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Part 2)

So I’ve played a total of 24 hours of Skyrim since it’s release now and I figured I had better give my impressions of it. Instead of the usual reviews you will find all over the internet explaining how the UI sucks and its a shoddy console port, I am going to tell one of the better stories I have from playing Skyrim. If you want to know about the functionality and how bad it sucks, you can go read that somewhere else.

A bit of background on my character build first. I’ve gone the route of thief archer. I sneak everywhere, and take long shots at peoples heads with my elven bow. Half of the time they are too stupid to figure out where the arrow came from, so I can normally clear out an area by just doing this, and I prefer it to rushing in head first like some other players.

So there I was, on the top of a rocky mountain, counting my money from the bandit encampment I just cleared out. I look down the side of the mountain and see a river flowing between the one I am on, and another mountain to the south, far larger with snow-topped peaks. After looking closer, I see some camp fires down by the river on the side of my mountain, and following across the river is more camp fires. Awesome, I think to myself, a large camp to clear out. there must be awesome loot down there if it is this large. So I slowly sneak my way down the mountain, and end up at the back of the camp with my bow trained on the named bandit in the camp (named creatures/people are normally the “boss” fights for an area like this).

I stay hidden in the rocks above him and start to pummel him with arrows when he has his back turned. Before I could kill him though, he ran off down into the camp. I just figured he was off on his merry path-finding way trying to get to me, which I knew he wouldn’t be able to due to me being tightly packed between some rocks. A few moments later I see a fireball being shot at something across the river at the other side of the camp. Following it is some ice shards being fired about. Wondering what was happening I move out of my spot and sneak over to a better vantage point to see what the hell was going on.

Turns out the camp on the other side of the river wasn’t bandits, but mages. And apparently these two groups don’t like each other much. I’m not sure what set them to fighting, but I like to think it was a misguided retaliation for me trying to pelt the bandit leader with arrows. Anyway, these two groups are fighting each other, and I’m just sitting high above them watching, when a fucking dragon comes out of nowhere and starts attacking everything in sight. Mages and bandits alike. I loose an arrow at the dragon to get it’s target up on my screen, and it is a fucking blood dragon (for those that don’t know, blood dragons are pricks).

Luckily the dragon still hasn’t seen me, so I stick up on my hill watching all the mages and bandits teaming up together to attack the dragon. After the dragon has killed plenty of them and is up flying around and roaring like a dick, one of the mages ice shards hits the dragon mid air and it comes crashing to the ground right behind me. It skidded across the ground and came to a halt no more than 50 metres from where I was hiding.

By this point it was close to death from the beating it took from the two groups down by the river, so I casually strolled up to it and shot it in the head a few times before it could turn on me.

And that is why Skyrim is awesome. All the problems can be overlooked when the random AI pull out something like this. And it was random, none of this was on a quest, so nothing that happened was scripted. Coming across stuff like this while randomly exploring is just awesome and so much fun to be a part of.

If you haven’t already got Skyrim, I suggest you get it. If you are too poor, check out this link:

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