Winter’s End

A couple of weeks before Christmas I entered myself in a small game development contest on a small website. The theme was to be around Snowmen, and we had approximately 2 weeks to complete it. I only spent a few hours each day working on it, and it turned out rather choppy and slapped together – not to mention unfinished – but I entered it as it was, and am currently waiting on the results to be posted.

So in the mean time, I thought I’d make a post about it, as during the second week of development I tried to record a large part of my dev process.

You can see this recording in the following video (no audio):

The game is based around a theme of “Snowmen”, so my idea involved the player being a snowman, off to save the world from the world-saving antics of some real hero.

It is a platformer game, with a couple of gimmicks. One being that you cannot jump, only fall. The other being a temperature system. If you’re near lava you’ll heat up. If you use the snow from yourself to throw snowballs, you’ll heat up. Heat up too far, and you begin to melt (lose health).

The gameplay side of things could probably use some tweaks, but I don’t think it is too bad considering the time I spent on it.


You can download the (unfinished) game at:
(32bit) Winter’s End
(64bit) Winter’s End

The source currently isn’t up anywhere, but I’ll try get it up in the next week or so for anybody that is interested. Not much to see though, just spaghetti.



On another note, I’ll hopefully sit down and do a few game reviews over the next few weeks, what with all these games from the Steam sale. :)

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