Back into Wurm

With the release of indoor walls last week, I’ve started playing Wurm properly again.

For the past year or two (I honestly cannot remember now), I have had a pretty decent account in most skills that I was using for day to day skills, building, mining etc. While I had this account, I turned my ‘Budda’ account into a priest, meaning it could start to cast spells and stuff, but be fairly useless for building, improving, and pretty much every other skill. Unfortunately a couple of months ago I was forced to sell the good account as I was low on cash, so having started playing again, I was left without a proper account to play with.

This led me to the decision to de-priest my original account. So I slowly watched my priest’s Faith drop from 52 down to 30, at which point it automatically de-priested. It was a sad moment, as I had spent quite a few hours idling on that account, praying when I could to get the Faith up to there. It was a good choice though, I think. It has let me get back into playing properly without fear of accidental de-priesting, or having to fluff about building up a new account.

First thing I did was to build some indoor walls in the single building I have on my deed, and they work out brilliantly. When I first planned the deed, in the back of my mind I had build the building with indoor walls in mind, though I didn’t expect them to be released any time soon. I’m glad I did design it with them in mind though. So now I have a very large building, split off into three partitions thanks to indoor walls and doors. The first partition, which anyone can get into from the main entry, is a large 3×4 area set up with an altar at the far end, a couple of coffins for storage, and a couple of rows of benches for decoration.

The second partition, to the left hand side of the main room, is the sleeping area, which is a 2×3 area with 3 beds. Out the back of this room is another door which leads to a pen area which anyone can enter and use for horse storage or whatever when they are staying. I had to set the beds in this room to 10i rent, just so anyone could use them without being listed on the writ. The third room is on the other side of the main room, and is also a 2×3 room, this time with locks on the doors. In this room is my main storage area and a couple of forges. Basically everything I don’t want random strangers to have access to. Out the back door of this side of the building is a second pen, same size as the open one, but with a locked gate, for my personal livestock and cart storage.

The indoor walls have really added a new dimension to buildings in Wurm, I cannot wait for multi-storey buildings!

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