New Theme, New Post!

I spent a lot of time yesterday waiting. If you have to ask what for, then you don’t deserve to call yourself a gamer. If you don’t call yourself a gamer, then I was waiting for Diablo 3 to release and unlock and become playable so I could sink my life into it slowly. Unfortunately, as most people would know by now, for the first few hours after ‘launch’ the only game people were playing was “Who can beat error 37 first”. The servers were clogged with a billion nerds trying to all get in and play at the same time. At this point I would have a go at DRM and how bad it is and how everyone who thinks it is good is a very silly person, but I will not. Maybe another day.

No, today I post because of the thing I was doing while waiting for the game to become playable, and that was to screw around with this website. I changed up the theme, created some images, and put up a super cool animated thing on the front page. At least I think it is super cool. The normal posts pages haven’t changed too much apart from the top banner getting a nice new picture and the sidebar containing less clutter and more twitter.

The real change is on the front page. It comes with this new theme, and it adds a nice slide-y picture thing in the middle, with a few small spots for specific links or posts at the bottom. Unfortunately the bottom areas can’t directly grab from latest posts, so I have them set up for the more read posts I have written. It also gave me a chance to throw up links to both Wurm and AussieGamerHub, both of which I am a part of in developing/running.

So check out the new front page if you would, and let me know what you think of the change.

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