A New Gamer

Recently my Granddad came over from New Zealand to stay with us for a few months. New Zealand can get pretty cold during the winter, and he doesn’t like the cold so much, so comes over to sit in the sun while everyone else in NZ freezes. Australia can be good for that I guess.

So last night I was fluffing around on Minecraft, and he walked past and saw me playing. He made some comment about how good the game looked, all ‘real’ and shiny. I scoffed a little inside, and booted up Skyrim to show him a bit. I think he liked the look of it, so my Mum suggested I sit him down today and get him playing a bit. So I did.

A person who has never played a game beyond Blackjack on his PC, and I sat him down and threw him straight into Skyrim. Naturally there is some learning to do, and it was somewhat strange to see. Myself, I have been playing games on the PC for years now, pretty much half of my life I have been into some game or another. So when you get someone who is so fresh to gaming that they have trouble sorting out mouse-look and WASD, it is an interesting experience.

I sat him down and got him started in a new game and didn’t really tell him anything of the controls. Not to be a dick, I just wanted to use the opportunity to see how the control tutorial part of the game would work for someone fresh into gaming – which I’ll write about another day. It went through the opening sequence pretty well, he picked up on mouse-look when it prompted him to look around, and all went pretty well up until the movement section.

I had to step in and help out a bit here, show him what was going on and where he should be trying to go. It took a while for him to get the hang of it, but after maybe an hour (and out of the first part of the game in Helgen) I think he was starting to properly get the hang of the mouse-look and movement combination that all of us have mastered for a long time.

One thing he got the hang of pretty fast was attacking, and I’m pretty sure he had a bit of fun wildly swinging his axe around and killing everything – once he managed to target them properly. Each person or animal he killed, he would give it an extra hit or two after it died just to be sure.

He’s saved for now just outside of the cave at Helgen, and has said he’d like to play again. I think the next lesson will be about jumping and crouching – should get all of the movement down before I throw him into the complexity of Skyrim that most of us take for granted. It is very interesting to watch a brand new gamer start out, so hopefully there will be a few more of these posts following his travels in Skyrim.

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  1. costavista says:

    My granddad use to skyrim, until he took an arrow to the knee.

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