More Wurming

After my last Wurm post I kinda dropped off for a while, until not long after the new Freedom server, named Celebration, was opened. I’ve packed up and sailed down to that server now, and am in the middle of creating a new deed there.

The map for this new server is rather amazing, and I’ve already managed to get a few awesome screenshots from it in the short time I’ve been here, including a panorama shot I managed to get late last night while on a trip around my area with a friend.

The area I’ve managed to settle in is just on the ridge of the first image above, and you can just see it in the middle, right most part of the panorama. One good thing I’ve managed to remember with this deed is to get a before shot of the area I’m working on, and am periodically taking screenshots of the deed from the same spot, so I can get a crude before/during/after sequence of screenshots going when it’s all done.

Getting it done is another issue. I’ve managed to do the worst thing possible, and convince myself that surface mining down a large chunk of the mountain I’m bordering is a good idea, so I’m having lots and lots of fun doing that. Although I have managed to con a friend into joining me here for a while, so he’s making it a bit more bearable.
For those that don’t play Wurm, surface mining throws a large RNG into your actions, so what would normally take an hours worth of digging in dirt, takes about 5 hours worth of surface mining in rock.

Oh well, I’ll either finish it or shoot myself soon enough.

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