Mass Effect 2

Over thae past week I have been playing a new game that goes by the name of Mass Effect 2. You may have heard of it, may not have (if you haven’t, leave right now), and the things you’ve heard about it most probably all say the same thing. Pure awesome.

I finished the game on my first play through on Friday night, and it is actually an awesome game. One of the best games that has come out for a while, and one that I wholly enjoyed.

The game has one of the better story lines for a game that I have seen in a while, and pretty much keeps you enthralled in the story the whole way.

The basic jist of the story, without spoiling much, is this:

  • You die
  • You live
  • You kill shit
  • You meet people
  • You kill shit
  • You kill big shit
  • The end

Now expand that out to somewhere around 30 or 40 hours, mix in some awesome gameplay and graphics,  and you’ve got Mass Effect 2.

There area a couple of downside to the game that I found, with two main ones that I really disliked. The first was the amount of time you can spend flying around the galaxy getting minerals for upgrades. I probably spent the first hour or two of open gameplay visiting planets and scanning the shit out of them, then probing them like fuck. I had completely forgot about the main tasks and got fucking bored, which nearly caused me to exit and never play again. But thankfully I finished probing the star system that I was in, and remembered this was a game, and not a mining simulator. You can spend hours and hours probing all the planets you like (and yeah, you can probe Uranus) without actually using all of the resources. The first hours I spent probing pretty much paid my way through the game. I had to do maybe 15 more minutes of probing throughout and I had all the upgrades that I needed.

Secondly is the bugginess. For a fully fledged released game, you’d think they would’ve got all the bugs worked out in QA, but no. At least 5 times I found myself casually walking straight up a wall, a vertical wall, which let me run around on an invisible roof for a minute, and never get back down again. So each time this happened, I had to load from my previous save, and avoid that wall like the plague in order to continue with the story.

But all in all, this game is very good, and will be going on my favourite games of all time list, and you should try it out.

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