Two Months Later…

If this was any other blog, you’d either think that two months without posting means either the owner is working on something huge, or has died a horrible death.
Well good news! Neither of them are the case, I’m just lazy, although I do have something new to show.

In the past couple of days, I’ve been screwing around with the idea of my 2d game, and been slowly chipping away at it. Of course because its only a couple of days old, theres not much to it, except this:

I know, I know, its awesome.

All it is, is the launcher for the game, that I hope to actually finish. The bits of text on the ‘rock’ are buttons, that…somewhat work. The exit and login buttons work, and actually do something. I dare you to guess what they do.
At this point in time, after ‘logging in’ (not really logging in as there is no server yet), the LWJGL window pops up and does nothing. I’m currently reading up on OpenGL and how to use it, so that the new window actually does something.

If you’re wondering what happened to the game I was working on using Slick a couple of months back, I kinda gave up on that. I got it to a point where there was a server and client that both worked, the client loaded the map and you could move around. Then one day (after a few weeks without working on it) I opened it up again and read over what I had done, and realizing it was utter rubbish I scrapped it and started up this.
In some ways this will be better, mainly because I will be learning how to use OpenGL, which I’m sure will come in handy one day (also its not bad to have that on my CV).

Anyway, because of one specific person, I will try an post more here, and not once every 2 months.

EDIT: Forgot to add that if anyone that has graphical design experience reads this blog and wants to help me out with all the graphical things for this game, let me know. God knows the launcher needs some proper work on it.

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