Wurm Online

Wurm Online – Freedom server map seen from SE area

Wurm Online is a strange game for strange people. It is for people who don’t mind spending hours and hours on something, for relatively little gain. For people thatenjoy the community of a game just as much as the game itself. And for people that don’t mind bugs.

If this sounds like you, congratulations! There are only a few thousand people like you in the world, including me.

Wurm is a survival game, to put it simply. You are thrown into the wild with little more than a few tools, and a source of light. The light is somewhat necessary, as there is a night and day cycle, with one day in real life equal to approx. 8 days in game. As soon as it turns dark, you’d better hope you know what you’re doing, or have some help, otherwise you might just get eaten by one of the many creatures inhabiting the forests, deserts and mountains.

When starting out, the game pretty much throws you into a cage with a lion, pats you on the back and says “Off you go!”. Sure there are a fair amount of other people in the cage with you, but most of them are so far away that they can’t help you apart from some advice on how to not piss off the lion.

In most multiplayer online RPGs you can expect to be able to jump right into the game, kill a few spiders and get to level 2, right? Not so much in Wurm. In order to kill a spider in Wurm, first you’ll need to spend some hours grinding away at your Fighting skill to get it to an acceptable level that will be able to take on a spider. Then you need to level your blacksmithing and weaponsmithing skills to deck yourself out for the battle. But in order to do that, you need to mine yourself some ore. So off you go to find a mine, but low and behold, you cannot find one, so you have to dig for one yourself. Once you get past all the dirt and manage to hit rock, you can prospect to see if there are any ores nearby. If you’re lucky, you might find some iron ore fragments, which means there is iron nearby.

Then you have to dig out the mine, find the iron vein, and mine some iron. But in order to make something from the iron, you’ll need to smelt it, which requires fire. So you find some clay and sand, which you dig, and combine to make some crude mortar. Then you get some of the rock you mined to get to the iron, and make some bricks. And from the bricks and mortar, you make a forge. Great, nearly there! Next you have to cut down a tree to get wood to light the forge, smelt the iron, smith it up to an acceptable level of armour and weapons, and head back to where you saw your first spider.

You search for an hour or so, but can’t find it anywhere. Someone else must’ve killed it. Just when you give up on finding the spider, you turn around a walk straight into a champ troll, which kills you in one easy swipe.

Woah, that was intense. Well at least its only a game and you can respawn with all your stuff right? Nope. you can respawn, but if you dont have a village that you have made or joined by now, you spawn back at the starting point…with nothing but your starter items.

And that is pretty much Wurm in a nutshell.

But don’t get me wrong, it is still an amazing game. The entire world is dynamic, with close to no NPCs (excluding the animals and aggresive creatures). Everything in the game world is player made and shaped. You can shape the entire map as you see fit, and build pretty much whatever you want on it.

For example, here is my current village which is still under construction:

When I came across this place it was just a hill with a bunch of trees. Now it is mine.

Wurm can be pretty frustrating at times, but other times it is quite entertaining, if not just to waste some time. It also has a wierd grip over most peoplt aht play it. Once you get into it, and learn how to do everything, you can’t stop. Sure you can stop for a few months, but eventually the cravings will get to you, and you’ll be back.

I’ll end this post with a final image of my new friend I found yesterday. Sorry if the image is a bit dark, it was night time.

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