Super Meat Boy

About a week ago I picked up Super Meat Boy from Steam for $9.99, and this post shall be about it.

SMB is a platformer, but not strictly a platformer. It is more of a puzzle-platformer-speed-run-rage-inducing game…and it’s awesome.
You are a square of meat, and your objective is to save the love of your life from the evil bad guy (as opposed to other platformers…) by going through all the levels until you have her back. As expected, when you reach her after each level, she is swiftly taken away and you have to try get her back on the next level, thus progressing the game forward.
Sounds simple, right? Not so much.

First off, its not the normal type of platform game where you run around killing mini-bad guys and collecting items while on your way to a castle at the end, as opposed to another game also called SMB. Instead of bad guys, there are saws…and nails…and salt…and fire…and blood…and pretty much everything else you can think of that might be harmful to a square of meat. There are no checkpoints either. It may take you 100 tries to get to near the end of a boss level, but if you don’t make it there, back to the start you go.
Because of this, the game is hell. Also because of this, the game is awesome.

You have to find the best way to your beloved while avoiding death, and trying to get there in the fastest time possible just to see the little “A+” splash of blood come up on the screen. Meaningless gratification? Yes. Still awesome? Hell yes. When you spend 30 minutes dying over and over to finally get the 0.1 second off your time you needed, it is the biggest sense of accomplishment ever. Fuck actually doing something with your life, just get all your joy from this game.

Another thing that makes this game interesting is your ability to wall-jump. It brings an extra level of excitement to see yourself jumping around from wall to wall, barely missing spinning blades of death and piles of salt set on destroying you, which all adds to the sense of achievement when you finally make it through.

Probably the best part is the level replay after you have cleared it. The game saves each of your attempts, then plays them all at once, so you can see all of your many failures, leading up to your one success. Here, watch this to see what I mean:

Finally I should probably say something quickly about the music in the game. Simply put it is amazing. It rounds off an awesome game, and makes it more awesome.

So if you haven’t already, check out Super Meat Boy on Steam –

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