Guns of Icarus

In the recent Steam sale, in which every game cost less that feeding a starving child for a week, I picked up a few (see: thirty five) games that I thought were a good deal. Among those games was a neat little indie game called Guns of Icarus. It was a part of the Indie Flight Pack, which included 5 indie games for $4.99USD.

GoI was the first game from the pack that I installed (still haven’t installed any of the other ones yet), and already it has been well worth the price of the whole pack of games.
The premise of the game is simple, you own a blimp (a fucking blimp!), and your job is to fly cargo across the map to god-knows-who. You never know what the cargo is, and you never see the person, or learn why you are hauling the cargo, but it doesn’t matter.*

Sound fun yet? Probably not.

While flying your mysterious cargo to the Duke of Whothefuckington, you are attacked, and attacked, and attacked, right up until the point of delivery. Attacked by who you might ask. By pirates. Fucking air pirates. How awesome is that?

They all have their own planes, flying around you trying to shoot you down to take that sweet, sweet loot. The best part about this is that you are in a fucking blimp. No need to control where you are flying, just set it on autopilot, then you get to run around your blimp to shoot those fuckers down.

That’s right, you shoot the pirates from your blimp with big guns that are mounted at different places on your blimp.
By now you should see where this is going. Your objective is to survive the distance, and complete your delivery. This means you have to fend off the pirates, and also repair your ship when it gets too damaged. Luckily you are a fucking magician mechanic though, so once one of your engines starts to burn you can just stand by it and whack it a few times and it’s sweet.
There are multiple parts on the blimp which can be damaged, and multiple points on the blimp which you can shoot from. This simple combination of elements makes for a truly awesome little game. You have to balance out your pirate shooting with repairing of your ship, lest you be blown to kingdom come and your cargo lost.

I should also note that when your engines take a beating, your blimp will slow down, making it take longer to get to your destination, thus giving the pirates more time to kill you.
Of course there are multiple levels, each with their own difficulties and added challenges, which just adds to the enjoyment. More pirates, harder to kill pirates, pirates in blimps, different weather and lighting conditions, and longer time limits all compound to make this a very enjoyable and potentially difficult game.

You can get Guns of Icarus from:

* – There are info screens at the start of each level which I skip past. They may actually have more info which I have missed.

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