A week or two ago Dante introduced me to a game called RIFT. And by introduced, I mean I saw him playing it and I was bored as fuck, so I went out and bought it.

RIFT is an MMORPG…and that’s about it. There’s not too much to say other than it is a mumorpuger, as you can pretty much guess what is involved. Lots of men running around dressed up as elf women, lots of quests, and lots of killing random animals and people that live outside of cities that did nothing but look at you strangely. Even though it is another generic mamapiggy, it does generic surprisingly well…either that, or I’m actually more bored that I realise and could be entertained by anything.

The main story behind RIFT (as far as I’ve been able to make out at least) is that the world is pretty much going to shit. Rifts in the world are opening everywhere, and spaghetti monsters keep trying to come through to fuck up your shit. In order to try and stop this from continuing, the higher ups on each faction (Guardians and Defiants) managed to revive some dead people, and make them into super-guys, aka you. At this point, you are thrown into the battle (Guardians) or sent back in time to get thrown into the battle (Defiants) to stop the world from falling apart.

As you would have come to expect with morepogs there are a number of classes and races and skills and items and blah blah blah. The three races are basically Human, Elf and Dwarf/HugeDwarf with some original names that just confuses you until you get used to them. Classes include Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric, as per normal. It is at this point though, that things start to get interesting. from here, you get to choose up to three ‘souls’ that you can use with each other in order to build your character the way you want. In each class, there is about 8 different couls you can choose from, each specializing in a different area. Mixing and matching these souls makes for a very large range of builds avaliable to go along with your play-style.

Once you have the souls you want – and as you level up – you put points into the souls according how you want your skills/abilities to go. This means you can focus on one soul, or spread out your points among all three soulds to have a variety of abilities and skills to throw at the enemy.

And now for the game’s namesake. Every so often, you will come across a tear in space, which will in turn grow into a rift. Once a rift is formed, a giant tentacle monster opens up through it and starts spewing out it’s element, be it death, earth, water, life, etc. No matter the element that the rift throws out, it is bad and needs to die. This is where the players come in.
Players either work together, or alone, to try and take the rift down, and send it back to the underworld from whence it came. In order to do this, players must complete a series of stages, ever changing depending on the rift type. Most of the time, these stages involve killing various baddies, building up to taking down a boss baddie or two. Once the rift is closed up, all is right again in the world, and you are rewarded with various lootz, as you’d expect.

Naturally, there are all the normal things in a mmmmpigs like instances, raids, and PVP. All of which are the same as normal, so don’t deserve to be talked about.

If this ‘review’ has somehow made you want to play this game, you can pick it up here. And if you want to play with a pro like me, jump on the Molinar shard (server).

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