Mortal Online Open Beta

Mortal Online is a game whos development I’ve been following for a while now, and it is finally at the stage of Open Beta. What is Mortal Online? It is a new MMO coming out that, in my opinion, is nothing like the horde of generic MMORPGs that are out today. Yes there are skills, weapons, mounts, and spells, but not in the way you’d expect. There is no defined level on each character, and combat is mainly based on the person’s proper skill instead of the characters skill level. It is in first person mode, with point and click combat similar to FPS games, except with swords and bows. The above image is a promo image for the open beta, but it is an image from in-game. From what I have played of the game in closed beta, the graphics are pretty damn good compared to most of the … Continue reading