Babel Rising

Babel Rising is an action strategy game where you play the part of a spiteful god, raining down your smite on the plebeians that are trying to appease you with their architectural prowess. Alternatively – you throw rocks at peons to stop them building stuff. Buildings suck, smash them all. When you hear the premise to this game it sounds freakin’ sweet. Who doesn’t love to pull out some godly powers for no other reason than killing small ant-like creatures? It really is satisfying sometimes when you can just sit down and kill shit for no good reason – so going into this game, I thought it would be pretty fun, and it is…for a while. The gameplay is a bit like a tower defense, except the AI is building the tower, and you have to defend it from being completed. So it is more like a tower offense – kill them (and the tower) before … Continue reading

Defy Gravity: Extended

With the Steam Summer Sale going on right now, it is rather impossible to not pick up any and all games that are within your budget. Luckily for me I’ve found some money recently, so I’ve has some to spare just in time for the sales to start. Consequently this means that I have spent far too much on games these past few days, and will likely spend more as the week progresses. So in spite of Steam eating everybody’s cash, there are some pretty great deals that you can get during this sale. One game I have stumbled across is Defy Gravity Extended, a neat little indie action platformer, that is currently on sale for about $1.50. It is very hard to not pick up games at this price, even if they turn out to be shit. Luckily for me, this game isn’t. In this game you are a … Continue reading

Stronghold Kingdoms

I picked up this game sometime last week while a bit bored and in the mood for an RTS. Stronghold Kingdoms is a “Free2Play MMORTS”, and having played other games that claim that genre before (see: SAGA), I was a bit dubious as to whether it would be worth playing. I am happy to say however that I have been having fun with this game, and am still playing it each day a week later. Although this game still totes a beta tag in it’s name, it has been out and playable for a while now, having largely flown under the radar that I am aware of. In the past month however, it was put up on Steam under the new F2P tag, so there has been a decent influx of players to the game, and the game website states that there is over 500,000 players now, so there must … Continue reading

Secret of the Magic Crystals

There has been a couple of times in the past where I have found a brilliantly cheap game (that is obviously the best game ever) on Steam, and gifted it to Dante to play. Today he returned the favour and gifted me Secret of the Magic Crystals to play. I had never seen or heard of this game before, and going off the title I figured it was something to do with magic crystals and secrets. So I quickly downloaded and installed it while I was waiting for my Mass Effect 3 copy to install, and had a quick play. The game starts out with a nice story to set things up. A meteor has crashed into the planet, and the crystals were lost. What crystals? Well the ones in the meteor of course! Silly you, not knowing that. So your granddaddy finds 2 of these crystals somehow, and quickly realises that they … Continue reading

Divinity II: Ego Draconis

I’m just going to preface this post by saying that I have only played 30 minutes of this game. On the other hand, I have played 30 minutes of this game. This is another game I have had sitting in my Steam library for a while, which I think I bought in the Christmas sales. I hadn’t looked into the game at all when I bought it, just saw the preview with dragons, and figured it would be worth a shot, especially at the price I got it. Sadly I was wrong to think that. Right when the game opens up for the first time you get a suspicion that something is not quite right. For me at least – the main menu feels unpolished, mouse sensitivity is all out of whack, and nothing is aligned. As with all new games, I first went to change out to windowed mode (as … Continue reading

Saints Row: The Third

I’ve had this game sitting in my Steam library for a while now but never got around to playing it, so this review is a bit late to the party. I had seen reviews of the game in different places, everyone going on about how it is so silly and stupid and just insane, which to be honest just put me off it. GTA was always fun for a bit of a run around, killing random people for the hell of it, but that gets boring quickly. With the reviews that I had read in the past about the Saints Row series, I figured the whole game wa just that. Random running around, no real story driving anything, and people with dildo baseball bats wearing chicken costumes. I an happy to say that I was wrong. I installed Saints Row: The Third last week on a whim, for something to … Continue reading

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Part 2)

So I’ve played a total of 24 hours of Skyrim since it’s release now and I figured I had better give my impressions of it. Instead of the usual reviews you will find all over the internet explaining how the UI sucks and its a shoddy console port, I am going to tell one of the better stories I have from playing Skyrim. If you want to know about the functionality and how bad it sucks, you can go read that somewhere else. A bit of background on my character build first. I’ve gone the route of thief archer. I sneak everywhere, and take long shots at peoples heads with my elven bow. Half of the time they are too stupid to figure out where the arrow came from, so I can normally clear out an area by just doing this, and I prefer it to rushing in head first … Continue reading


A week or two ago Dante introduced me to a game called RIFT. And by introduced, I mean I saw him playing it and I was bored as fuck, so I went out and bought it. RIFT is an MMORPG…and that’s about it. There’s not too much to say other than it is a mumorpuger, as you can pretty much guess what is involved. Lots of men running around dressed up as elf women, lots of quests, and lots of killing random animals and people that live outside of cities that did nothing but look at you strangely. Even though it is another generic mamapiggy, it does generic surprisingly well…either that, or I’m actually more bored that I realise and could be entertained by anything. The main story behind RIFT (as far as I’ve been able to make out at least) is that the world is pretty much going to … Continue reading

Guns of Icarus

In the recent Steam sale, in which every game cost less that feeding a starving child for a week, I picked up a few (see: thirty five) games that I thought were a good deal. Among those games was a neat little indie game called Guns of Icarus. It was a part of the Indie Flight Pack, which included 5 indie games for $4.99USD. GoI was the first game from the pack that I installed (still haven’t installed any of the other ones yet), and already it has been well worth the price of the whole pack of games. The premise of the game is simple, you own a blimp (a fucking blimp!), and your job is to fly cargo across the map to god-knows-who. You never know what the cargo is, and you never see the person, or learn why you are hauling the cargo, but it doesn’t matter.* … Continue reading