New Theme, New Post!

I spent a lot of time yesterday waiting. If you have to ask what for, then you don’t deserve to call yourself a gamer. If you don’t call yourself a gamer, then I was waiting for Diablo 3 to release and unlock and become playable so I could sink my life into it slowly. Unfortunately, as most people would know by now, for the first few hours after ‘launch’ the only game people were playing was “Who can beat error 37 first”. The servers were clogged with a billion nerds trying to all get in and play at the same time. At this point I would have a go at DRM and how bad it is and how everyone who thinks it is good is a very silly person, but I will not. Maybe another day. No, today I post because of the thing I was doing while waiting for the … Continue reading

AGH comes to

As of yesterday, the Australian Minecraft community, AussieGamerHub, is now run by yours truly. We’ve pulled back from the brink with a new server, new map, and hopefully some new creations in the near future. The server is currently white-listed, so if you are from Australia, and like Minecraft, head over to and apply to join.


Hello and welcome to On this website I will be posting anything I deem relevant that I think people might find somewhat interesting. Mainly it will be to do with things I am interested in, Java development, and gaming. And sometimes even a combination of the two. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. Budda