More Wurming

After my last Wurm post I kinda dropped off for a while, until not long after the new Freedom server, named Celebration, was opened. I’ve packed up and sailed down to that server now, and am in the middle of creating a new deed there. The map for this new server is rather amazing, and I’ve already managed to get a few awesome screenshots from it in the short time I’ve been here, including a panorama shot I managed to get late last night while on a trip around my area with a friend. The area I’ve managed to settle in is just on the ridge of the first image above, and you can just see it in the middle, right most part of the panorama. One good thing I’ve managed to remember with this deed is to get a before shot of the area I’m working on, and am … Continue reading

New Theme, New Post!

I spent a lot of time yesterday waiting. If you have to ask what for, then you don’t deserve to call yourself a gamer. If you don’t call yourself a gamer, then I was waiting for Diablo 3 to release and unlock and become playable so I could sink my life into it slowly. Unfortunately, as most people would know by now, for the first few hours after ‘launch’ the only game people were playing was “Who can beat error 37 first”. The servers were clogged with a billion nerds trying to all get in and play at the same time. At this point I would have a go at DRM and how bad it is and how everyone who thinks it is good is a very silly person, but I will not. Maybe another day. No, today I post because of the thing I was doing while waiting for the … Continue reading

Back into Wurm

With the release of indoor walls last week, I’ve started playing Wurm properly again. For the past year or two (I honestly cannot remember now), I have had a pretty decent account in most skills that I was using for day to day skills, building, mining etc. While I had this account, I turned my ‘Budda’ account into a priest, meaning it could start to cast spells and stuff, but be fairly useless for building, improving, and pretty much every other skill. Unfortunately a couple of months ago I was forced to sell the good account as I was low on cash, so having started playing again, I was left without a proper account to play with. This led me to the decision to de-priest my original account. So I slowly watched my priest’s Faith drop from 52 down to 30, at which point it automatically de-priested. It was a … Continue reading

Code Hackery #2: Characters on a Texture

Alright so I said every week, but I really meant week-ish. To be honest, I’ve had some trouble actually finding some nice code to put for this post, so I’m going to more explain something I recently did with the Wurm client. I cannot post the actual code for NDA reasons, but I’ll give some examples. This week is a bit of easy code I whipped up for the Wurm client when I was working on replacing the old, notoriously slow text rendering code. I originally had the FontTexture object drawing all of the ASCII characters to a texture, and believed that would be enough (and in terms of performance, it would’ve been), but this also meant that any other characters that were previously supported – cyrillic, greek, etc – would either crash everything, or just show nothing.   In Wurm there are plenty of different people playing, plenty of … Continue reading

Code Hackery #1: Map Resize Dialog

In an effort to pump out more posts and make this website less of a dead-zone, I’m going to try and create a weekly post with a bit of code I have managed to hack together that works perfectly against all odds.   First up is this Map Resize Dialog I created for the WPlanner rewrite I completed a couple of weeks ago. For those that had used the old WPlanner build, the resize dialog was a bit empty. All it had were 4 spinners for each cardinal direction, and a label stating the new size. When I was rewriting it for the new version, I decided to bite the bullet and design it the way I wanted it originally (but couldn’t be f’d at the time to do) since I had Eclipse’s nifty new Swing GUI builder to use. The idea was pretty simple: each spinner (north, south, east … Continue reading

WStats – Now with more W!

Yesterday I started working on a program. I know right? Guy with a programming blog actually doing some programming? More likely than you think! Anywho, the program I was working on is called WStats. Its a small program I thought up to track character progression in Wurm Online (oh god another Wurm post). As the saying goes, a picture says a billion words, or something, so take a look: If this sort of thing floats your boat, you can get it at Alternatively, pick up the source at And you can point out any bugs and laugh at me at

Wurm Online

Wurm Online – Freedom server map seen from SE area Wurm Online is a strange game for strange people. It is for people who don’t mind spending hours and hours on something, for relatively little gain. For people thatenjoy the community of a game just as much as the game itself. And for people that don’t mind bugs. If this sounds like you, congratulations! There are only a few thousand people like you in the world, including me. Wurm is a survival game, to put it simply. You are thrown into the wild with little more than a few tools, and a source of light. The light is somewhat necessary, as there is a night and day cycle, with one day in real life equal to approx. 8 days in game. As soon as it turns dark, you’d better hope you know what you’re doing, or have some help, otherwise … Continue reading